Motoring Excursion

You won’t want to miss this great opportunity to meet up and travel with fellow Volvo owners on this June 9th drive. You can head up Thursday evening and jump in on the itinerary from the start or come up later and catch up with the crew where and when you’re comfortable.

Organizer, Rick Larson, has created a very informative set of documents (available for download HERE), which outline the itinerary, motel/hotel accommodations near the start of the tour as well as at the end of the tour. He has also included contact information for each stop – just in case you need them. The attendees will be communicating via FRS radios, and Larson has included information on obtaining an inexpensive set if you don’t already own one.

This event begins Friday morning at CMA Volvo Cars of Charlottesville and ends at the Hazy Mount Vinyard and Brewery on Friday afternoon (just in time for dinner). Close in proximity to Wintergreen Resort, many will likely choose to lodge there for the evening, then take a leisurely drive home on Saturday morning.

We hope you will be able to attend. All correspondence related to this event should be directed to the event organizer Rick Larson. Click HERE to email Rick.

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